Accident insurance

What do you have to do in case of injury during the hockey corporate tournament? This is only reserved for participants that are affiliated to the Royal Hockey Belgian Federation (A.R.B.H. / K.B.H.B.) through their hockey club or that were covered only during their day of participation of the hockey corporate tournament :

  1. Fill in the injury form available on the Royal Hockey Belgian Federation (A.R.B.H. / K.B.H.B.). Click here for the dutch version of here for the french version.
  2. Send the document back per mail to Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.
  3. Once received back, send this document to "ARENA, Rue Jozeph II 36-38, 1000 BRUXELLES", including the following insurance reference number "A.C. 1.115.010  / R.C. 1.115.011"
  4. Keep carefully all documents related to care and medical prescribed products
  5. Bring all documents to your Mutual Insurance Company
  6. Once reimbursed from your Mutual Insurance Company, send back all related invoices to ARENA (see 3) including the sum-up of your Mutual Insurance Company
  7. Keep ARENA informed of the evolution of your injury (worsening, disability lengthening, healing,...) by sending the medical attestations.

To be aware about your insured garantees, please click here ; or here for the french document and here for the dutch version.

Please, consider that those documents need to be send as soon as possible after the accident.

Good wishes for your swift recovery!


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